Some Vital Aluminium Facts

Aluminium is no stranger in our lives; in fact, it has become a very significant part of our lives that we constantly make use of items made out of this element. As fascinating as aluminium sounds, there are many more factors about this element that you might have never heard before. Especially if you are involved in the trade of selling items made out of this type of metal, these facts about Aluminium could come in handy when you try to work your magic on your customers. Enlighten yourself with some of the unspoken features of this amazing metal.

New and precious

How long has it been since aluminium was discovered? Not very long in comparison to the other types of metal that have been discovered many centuries ago. If you walk back two hundred years, you will find no one who knew that such a metal ever existed. In the year 1825 it was discovered. However, they were still unable to make use of it as producing aluminium metal was not possible till the year 1886. It is also considered to be a precious one in the 1950s, even more than gold as it was quite rare, but faced a decline in its value ten years later.


The reason for this element to be used so vastly in the construction sector is due to its strength. Although it is identified to be very strong, it is also slim and contributes in being quite flexible in construction of infrastructure. However, it is not always used in the original form but sometimes in the form of aluminium cladding. Scientists have not been able to give a specific number for the duration of items made out of Aluminium, but is estimated roughly to last for over a century.

Some additional knowledge

Who uses it the most? China has been able to claim the title of the major consumer of this metal, consuming around 45% of its total production. Not only that, they are also the biggest producer in the world. It also plays a major role in your kitchen as most of the utensils are made out of these and therefore comes into contact with us on a daily basis. Not just that, due to things like Aluminium wall cladding it has become a constant part of our lives.


It is known to be one of the most environmental types of metal as it can be recycles; not only once or twice, but for an infinite amount of times. Therefore, the use and production of items using aluminium has become very large in the present world and has been proven to be highly beneficial to everyone.