Ideas To Open A Unique Café

It is no mystery that caffeine addicts around the world are on the rise. This has led to an increasing number of cafés opening around the corner, as the coffee lovers are always on the quest for a wonderful cup of steaming coffee. So if you are planning on opening your own café, here are a few tips to help you along the way.
The theme of your café will determine the crowd you attract. If you want to give your café a unique touch then you must ensure that you serve food and beverages which are unlike any other items served in the competing cafés in your neighborhood. In addition, you could hire a joinery Dubai company to create some custom artworks suitable to your theme in order to add a fun element to your café. Moreover, you could also design staff uniforms according to the theme. For example: if you specialize in rainbow cakes and coffee, your staff could wear unicorn aprons.
Customize your coffee
Long gone are the days when people ordered boring cappuccinos. Nowadays, people love experimenting with unique flavors and beverage combinations. Although you must serve the mainstream beverage options for the ones who don’t like change, you could also have a separate section such as customizing corner where people could decide on their toppings flavors and choice of coffee art. In addition, you could also serve some unique drinks such a rainbow coffee or pink tea or any other drink which is not available in town. This would make your café stand out from the other ones in town.
The ambience and atmosphere of a coffee shop is what attracts most customers, as this is a place where they wish to unwind and relax while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Therefore, decide on the color scheme and theme keeping the audience in mind. Avoid, adding too much color and furniture, as this would take away the relaxing element and make it appear to crowded. To make the interior appear unique, you could have a wall with customized frames or coasters with artwork created by the customers. In addition you could also add custom furniture such as sofas or beanbags made to suit your theme.
Since most cafés focus only on perfecting their beverages, you could take advantage of this and provide a selection of delicious bites on your food menu as well. Avoid adding too many items to the menu, instead, you could divide the menu into two and serve a few basic dishes such as cold sandwiches, burgers and salads in one section. Whereas the other section could comprise of your specialties such as eggs Benedicts, customized pancakes and range of pastas, to mention a few.
Making your café stand out from the crowd would not be a tough job, however, maintaining it could be difficult. Therefore, you must ensure that you are constantly looking at your competitors and ensuring that the staff is consistent with their work and the food they produce, in order to avoid gaining a bad reputation in the market.