Features Of Training And Development Programmes

Employees of an organization are probably the most valued asset an employer can have. In the midst of all the machinery and equipment, there is nothing that can be compared to the manpower that can be obtained by them. Therefore, it is important that they are made to feel appreciated inside and outside the company. The company can offer them with training and development programmes which will help them develop their skills furthermore and increase contribution and make the operations efficient. This article discusses on the features that such a training and development programme contains.


One of the best features of such programmes is that the involvement of all participants will be taken in conducting the team building activities in Dubai. It is shown that in order to put these skills in to practise at the organization, the employees need to know the spirit of team work, hence they will be to work together. Some programmes even conduct games and role plays in order to make it feel lighter and understandable which they can have some fun.

Sharing experiences

Make sure that the host or invited speaker that comes to conduct the public speaking courses are of high skills and experience. It is only when one is highly experienced that he/she can share them with the participants and motivate them to contribute their best and improve their skills. They will have many stories to tell you; listen carefully and make notes of them, because these stories are most likely to be their success stories and will tell you where they went wrong and why that wrong turn brought them to the right place.

What are the objectives?

The primary objective of such programmes held by training institutes is to give employees an idea of why they are engaged in that job. It is also aimed at leading them to discover their true potential in the journey of life so that they will be able to give in their best, for this company itself and for any future company that they might end up working for. Not only that, they will be taught new things and will be encouraged to bring innovation to the firm.


These training programmes are usually expected to be fun. You would not want to sit alone in a chair for hours listening to some successful person go on about their life stories, don’t you? The speakers will have to be able to make the session as interactive as possible, which will ensure the involvement of the audience as well.

Therefore, if you are an employer and haven’t organized such programmed for the employees, then it is high time to take that step; also, if you are an employee and your employer hasn’t taken any steps to organize such things for you and your colleagues, this will be the time to suggest it.