A How-To Guide On Staging An Apartment To Sell Better

There are professional people call ‘stagers’ who help clients to ‘stage’ their houses and apartments in order for it to sell better when prospective buyers come to visit. Here are several quick tips that will allow you to do it yourself.

Light and Shadows

Light and dark are your best friends when it comes to staging a place. Play around with the lighting; does the fluorescent match the interior design of the room, or would natural light illuminate it better? If the latter, then keep the curtains drawn. However, if the room in question is old and dirty in the corners, you should keep the curtains closed and switch out the harsh, white fluorescent light for a softer, yellowish light. That light mimics candlelight and will hide any major flaws in the room.

Highlight Good Features

If you have any furniture worth showing off, then select them and arrange them so that every major room will have at least one item of note. Then, call a fit out company and have them bring over a few pieces that complement your place. Some companies give their pieces out for hire while others let you live with them for a while. If you can arrange it so that buyers view it during the time you have the extra furniture there is a better chance that buyers will say yes. Although most houses and apartments are sold unfurnished, many potential buyers seem to like a space that is already made use of.

Recall Good Memories

If you can do so, arrange with your real-estate brokers to notify you early on when a buyer is popping by because then, you can add some finishing touches to your home such as popping some instant cookies in the oven, in order to fill the house with the smell of freshly baked cookies. Certain aromas are inherently positive and the smell of baked goods is one of them. Using it as a subconscious trigger is a smart move that can help nudge a buyer towards saying yes to the deal. However, avoid floral aromas and other strong spices as some people dislike them and are even allergic to them.

Cleanliness is Key

In the end, the most important staging technique is cleanliness. There is no use in applying any kind of cosmetic cover up to the house if it is not clean. Clean out the bathrooms; vacuum the carpets; air out the rooms and let the house breathe a bit before visitors start popping around. Many clients will overlook small damages and flaws in a house if it is clean, but no one will think twice about refusing a place that is unclean.